Led by Jan Mather

Tuesdays, 10-11.30

All ages and abilities welcome

£60-72 per term or £30-42 per half-term.  New students are very welcome to come along and pay just for a single trial class if they want to try it out.

Our classes provide a friendly, tranquil environment that allows people to get what they want out of Yoga.

We start our one-and-a-half hour session with a short relaxation. The spine and breath are important to our well-being so we progress on to a series of Yoga postures which move the spine forwards, backwards, sideways, upside down, and around, at the same time concentrating on the breath. These movements work all the systems of the body including the skeleton, muscles, circulatory and endocrine systems leading to a balance between body, mind and spirit.

Mantra or chanting is used to focus our minds and breath leading towards concentration and breathing practice. We finish with a longer relaxation before heading home – feeling ‘cool’!

For more details, visit   Call 01206 337338 to book.