Following the closure of St Andrew's School at the end of 2011, the Centre was set up by a group of volunteers who are keen to keep the site active and open for the benefit of the village and neighbouring community. It is an entirely ‘non-profit’ enterprise and any surplus accrued will be ploughed back into maintaining and improving facilities. All the work, both managerial and physical, is done entirely by volunteers. In December 2014, we became a CIO, registered charity number 1159612.

The site is owned by the Diocese of Chelmsford who are very supportive of the Community Education Centre. Normally a closed school would be boarded up, eventually to be converted for other use or demolished. The land for St Andrew’s School was given under covenant specifically for educational purposes, so this cannot happen in the case of Wormingford School.

It is our belief and intention that the Centre will enhance and add to the life of the village, without taking trade away from existing facilities, in particular the Village Hall, and without creating problems for the neighbours. Parking for events at the Centre is almost entirely in the former playground, and this space can also be used for events at St Andrew’s Church, thus reducing the traffic and congestion in the road. Events and activities at the Centre cease at 9:00 pm.  

We are always keen to work with partner organisations with whom we can develop new educational activities, including the Children’s University, Saint Andrew’s Church and many others. Please contact us to see how we can help your organisation.

Please look through our web-site to learn more about our facilities our services and our plans. If you are inspired by what you see, please join us. Call us on 01206 337338 or email us on